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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The life of an Architecture Student

i just want to share my life being a architecture student. If you want to be a architecture student, you've be probably experienced:

- the taste of glue
- change the vocabulary ( homework to project)
- you don't understand how somebody can spend less than rm20 at supplies store or printing
- you hate people telling you 'go to sleep' or ' you still have a lot of work?'
- your friends and you don't have the same concept of work ' oh well do it right before class'
- you've slept more than 24 straight hours on weekend or after project done
- you can easily discuss with authority the effects of caffeine on different drinks.
- no matter the effort you put in a project, somebody will always say " why don't you add this??" or "why don't you change this here??" or " i think that.. but..its ok"
- you've heard all your music inside the pc or else in a week
- you aren't not seen in public without bags under your eyes
- whenever you get invited somewhere, it is followed by "or do you have a lot of work??"
- you'll dance ymca with a choreography without a drop of alcohol in your system.
- you down a quick message with rapidographs lead holders, marker end inks
- you constantly make up excuses for courses that are not design related why you didn't your work
- you have more pictures of landscape and places than of people
- your worst nightmare consists of not finishing a project
- someone once called your "lazy" and you wanted them murdered
- you can live without human contact, sunlight, food, but if your plotters ink runs out..chaos!!
- you design spectacular things without the idea of the cost
- you have the modern mark; a blister in your palms hand for the constant use of your mouse
- everybody tells you how the admire your work, "but theres no money for it"
- you've gained the ability to sleep in whatever surface
- when you finally have free time to go out, you always keep thinking " who was the idiot that designed the restaurant bathroom?" or "who designed this?"
- you've at many sunrises, yet you've never seen one


  1. hahahahahaha!! sy juga architecture student!!! selamat dtg ke dunia architecture!!! hahahahahaha!!

  2. hahah, me too. tepat sgt la dunie kiet mmg cmtu. pandai awak cte. btw sy follow awak. follow sy balek ok ? nice to know you. :)

  3. so true.
    penat fikir idea, senang je orang musnahkan :/

  4. wow so amaziiiing, hahahahhaha

  5. Nice... Kehidupan Seorang Archi emang keren kak ^^, Nice Post... Silakan mampir ^^

  6. but architecture is fun!!!betul x??

  7. "you'll dance ymca with a choreography without a drop of alcohol in your system"...hahahahaah can't imagine.....