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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Study time!

Untuk semester ni, aku just ada 1 paper saja.
hari selasa exam paper nanti
environmental science.
aku baru nak start study.
slip exam pun x print lagi
lagi gila!haha

Friday, October 22, 2010

Eco Retreat

The Eco Retreat Student Ideas Competition is initiated by Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia and
Green Building Index to promote eco-conscious design amongst architectural students, with
emphasis on innovative architectural design, efficiency of resources and least impact on the

The competition calls for the proposal of an Eco Retreat within the vast site of the Penang
National Park at Teluk Bahang, Penang.
Generally, to provide for:
1. Eco Centre
i. General Office
ii. Exhibition Space
iii. Resource Centre
iv. Meeting Rooms
v. Seminar Room for 100 persons
vi. Cafeteria
vii. Other facilities
2. Retreat
i. Accommodation for 100 persons
ii. Other necessary and complementary facilities

The organiser undertakes to accept the decision of the Jury and within one (1) month from
the date of the announcement of the Winners, to pay the prizes and honoraria to successful
participants in the manner as stated below:
i. To the participant whose proposal is judged to be worthy as the First Prize by the
Jury, a prize of USD1,500.00
ii. To the participant whose proposal is judged to be worthy as the Second Prize by the
Jury, a prize of USD750.00
iii. To the participant whose proposals are judged to be worthy as the Third Prize by the
Jury, the Honorarium of USD250.00
iv. To the five participants whose proposals are judged to be worthy of Merit by the Jury,
the Honorarium of USD100.00 each
If in the opinion of the Panel of Jury that none of the entries meet the expected standard, the
Jury may reserve the right not to award any of the prizes and the decision would be solely at
the discretion of the Jury.
Two (2) PAM Student Member participants whose proposals are judged by the Jury as the
best entries from Malaysia shall be sponsored by PAM to represent Malaysia at the
ARCASIA Student Forum 2011 in Danang, Vietnam.

i. Launch of Competition May 2010
ii. Closing date of Registration and Submission of Queries 30 September 2010
iii. Closing date of submission of entry 15 December 2010
iv. Announcement of winners January 2011

aku sudah pun register untuk melibatkan diri dalam competition ni.
aku dengan kawan-kawan seperjuangan aku akan lakukan dengan habis baik la.
tapi tak tau baik macam mana..haha
kena perah otak ni
fikir design apa semua
maybe masuk sem nanti kami akan ke penang untuk buat some research untuk site analysis
good luck for me and my friends!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Poster + brochure architecture design review for Design II

brochure for design II

poster for design II

kami kena design brochure dan poster untuk menjemput seluruh student dan lecturer datang
masa design review
ini lah hasil kerja aku
ni semua untuk final presentation kitorang
memang takut la
yela jemput ramai tengok